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The Diversity of Autistic Experience
Harry Thompson
& Dr Chloe Farahar

2hrs + 1hr Q & A

(originally hosted 2nd May 2020)

Webinar talk 1 details:

Harry Thompson explains Pathological Demand Avoidance from an insider’s perspective, taking what has been written about PDA and providing descriptive insights into the internal phenomena, from triggers to obsessions to impulses to meltdowns. He emphasises the positive sides of PDA, and explains how this neurotype can be a gift or a curse depending on the context in which an individual is situated

Webinar talk 2 details:

Dr Chloe Farahar (University of Kent PhD) demonstrates a critical perspective on what is presently called Autism Spectrum “Disorder”. What is autism & what it is not; what psychology is catching up with; why autism is not a disorder but a neurodivergence.

Note: This event is aimed at all ages but viewer discretion may be advised for under 13s due to potential occasional strong language and the intense nature of the content.

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